Sanyo Yamacho correlation chart

Coming into the world in October 2000 as a high-end formal shoe brand at Yamacho Jirushi Kutsu Honpo, it restarted as Sanyo Yamacho one year later in October 2001.
Keeping “quality first” in mind and using the best materials in the world, we are a total leather brand that expresses the unique and original outlook of Japan, utilizing the mastered techniques of the top traditional craftsmen in Japan.
Sanyo Yamacho shoes are made in Japan, by Japanese people, and for Japanese people, with the three core principles of technique, mastery, and elegance, all for people who understand true value and seek authenticity.

About the lasts▼

R201 Our master last, which has been used since Sanyo Yamacho’s debut in 2001.
It has very few irregularities, and it has a balanced almond toe.
R2010 In 2010 we marked our 10th anniversary, and over those 10 years we have listened to the response from our customers to help us further upgrade our creations.
Using the R201 as a base, we lowered the instep for a construction that provides support over the whole foot. The arch is narrowed for support from the underneath, and the small heel cup holds the heel more firmly. This round toe last gives a perfect sense of stability from head to toe.
R2013 The R2013 is based on the R2010 for the slip-on we developed in Spring 2013.
This slip-on last has a low instep and better fit around the heel.
R309 The R309 is a classic last made in 2010, just like the R2010. Similar to the R2010, it has a low instep and balanced, small heel cup. R309 is a square toe last with more room in the arch.
R305 The R305 is based on the R201 and was created in 2007. It has an improved fit for the back half of the foot by employing a slightly tighter heel cup and arch. This round toe last has comparatively more room in the front half of the foot.

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